Do you ever feel a 'good enough' mom?

Nope, it's not just you.

Unfortunately, you're one of many amazing superstars who work their a** off to ensure their kid's happiness, yet still end up feeling under par.

Not really fair, right?

Well I'm on a mission to change this!

Join us as we revolutionise your belief systems so you can recognise yourself as the powerhouse you are!

You in?

I see you.

You deserve to feel valued for your efforts mama.

You can't carry on beating yourself up over every.little.thing.

The sooner you can handle criticism, create healthy boundaries and accept yourself as you are, the sooner you'll start to really thrive.

And you know, I'm all here for it.

Get to the root

Understand where perectionism comes from and why you could be overgiving.

Discover your inner world

Assess your beliefs on your role as the 'perfect mother' and what that means for you

Reframe and Reset

Learn to accept your limitations and reset your own standards based on how YOU feel

What's inside

  Mother On Your Own Terms Workshop
Available in days
days after you enroll

Ready to let go of perfectionism?

I know you're a mama with big goals and you care about your kids. You will be able to show up in the way you want and finally feel confident in yourself after this workshop. Can't wait to see you there.